Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awaken your heart's song

Imagine being given details about a one-day workshop
with a title like this and an invitation to ...
* imagine a heart bursting with joy
* a body feeling free to flow in harmony
*a mind filled with peace
How could I refuse?  ;-)))
My friend and colleague FIONA (reflexologist),
with her friends SARAH (Dru yoga and meditation teacher),
KAREN (kinesiologist/nurse) and
SHARON (therapeutic oils and Bach flower essences)
developed this amazing workshop which I shared
with nearly 20 women yesterday.
Here are some pics from around the chakra table
 in the centre of the room.

People kept going up to this table throughout the day
for their own quiet meditation.

Following a delicious vegetarian soup lunch,
there was a fire ceremony ...
we began by using the golf balls to find chakra points
on our feet!

... each banana flower leaf held a candle, which we lit
and then filled with a flower from each chakra colour 
and offered to mother earth outside
(between showers!)

This whole ceremony took place in silence.

The day was filled with yoga, discussion, singing, laughs,
relaxation, contemplation and calming meditation.
Thank you gals - I'm still feeling the calming benefit
from this wonderful day.

There is another day scheduled for Bridgetown
in the lower south west, in December 2012
See HERE for Fiona's contact details

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