Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well, no excuses.
It's been a lonnng time between posts!
I'm actually taking a break for a while,
so we can complete
major house renovations.
Although I'm estimating that I should be back
by end of 2013 ... you know how renos
just seem to go on and on ...
So, I will realistically say that I'll be back
very early in the new year 2014.
Meanwhile, if you just can't WAIT
 that long for a session
(and why should you???),
I have some excellent practitioners
 I can recommend for you.
Call me on
0427 212 729
Or, have a look at the
Click on Reflexology for the drop-down menu
and/or click
find a practitioner near you!
Good luck.
Thank you for visiting
and see you soon!