Friday, November 25, 2011

making candles

I made some candles on Wednesday
with Katie at 

and some other reflexology friends.

Love them.

These are lavender colour, with lemongrass and
 vanilla oil fragrance mixed together.
It was an experiment and it worked.
They smell and look divine!

Monday, November 14, 2011

essential oils

I have recently been introduced to these beautiful
essential oils from doTERRA.

For some time I've wanted to learn more
about using them in conjunction
with my healing modalities.

They work particularly well for emotional problems,
applied directly and also through ingestion.
I'm not ready to give them for ingestion yet,
but we are emotional beings so I'm researching
that avenue to begin with.

I love my Fragonia oil and already
 use that most days
in my treatment room.
It can only get better!

Stay posted!

Try this at home:
Squeeze the peel of a ripe orange.
The fragrant residue on your hand is full of essential oils.