Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wellness Day at ECU, Bunbury

I am unable to attend this year
but my very good friend and colleague,
Fiona will be taking my place.

I'd already agreed to donate a gift voucher
door prize, so hopefully it will go to a person
who really needs it!

Perhaps it could be you!

To be in with a chance, just rock up to ECU
sport and recreation building #10,
past student accommodation
at the far top end of campus

Thursday 23 August 2012
10am to 2pm

Lots to see and do
stalls | exhibitions | barbecue
fruit | nutrition| talks

to the best thing ...

10 min REFLEXOLOGY tasters!!!

Absolutely free!

See you there

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awaken your heart's song

Imagine being given details about a one-day workshop
with a title like this and an invitation to ...
* imagine a heart bursting with joy
* a body feeling free to flow in harmony
*a mind filled with peace
How could I refuse?  ;-)))
My friend and colleague FIONA (reflexologist),
with her friends SARAH (Dru yoga and meditation teacher),
KAREN (kinesiologist/nurse) and
SHARON (therapeutic oils and Bach flower essences)
developed this amazing workshop which I shared
with nearly 20 women yesterday.
Here are some pics from around the chakra table
 in the centre of the room.

People kept going up to this table throughout the day
for their own quiet meditation.

Following a delicious vegetarian soup lunch,
there was a fire ceremony ...
we began by using the golf balls to find chakra points
on our feet!

... each banana flower leaf held a candle, which we lit
and then filled with a flower from each chakra colour 
and offered to mother earth outside
(between showers!)

This whole ceremony took place in silence.

The day was filled with yoga, discussion, singing, laughs,
relaxation, contemplation and calming meditation.
Thank you gals - I'm still feeling the calming benefit
from this wonderful day.

There is another day scheduled for Bridgetown
in the lower south west, in December 2012
See HERE for Fiona's contact details

Thursday, June 21, 2012

winter solstice
It's such a long time since I posted, I'm feeling a bit guilty!

What's the weather like in your area? It's certainly
freezing here - the shortest day of the year and
possibly the coldest, brrrrr!!!

Just thought I'd share my new car sticker with you.
I think it's quite flash ;-)))

Call soon if you'd like to book 
one hour of reflexology

* warm quiet room
* HOT water bottle
* soft, warm ruggie
* relaxing music
What's not to like?

Gift vouchers available.
Health rebates may apply.

Happy winter!

Monday, February 13, 2012

study day
Yesterday I had the most amazing time
in great company at Ingrid's beautiful property
in Bridgetown,
where we held our reflexology study day.

After our meeting and yum lunch,
we took part in a mini shiatsu
introductory workshop.

I'm now hooked on this modality
which overlaps what we practitioners
already know and do in so many different ways.
It may be running as a short course
 later in the year,
so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you would like to treat your body
 to a relaxing hour+ of

reflexology | reiki |
Indian head massage or metamorphosis

please call 0427 212 729
to arrange an appointment

kind regards,

Friday, January 13, 2012

happy new year

Hi everyone
I hope you're enjoying a wonderful holiday season
 and happy, peaceful new year.
I have to admit that I was tucked up in bed
 before midnight on 1 January!

Christmas was delightfully busy with family
and friends here for lunch.
 I relaxed for a few days afterwards
with a stack of novels and some
sewing ... lovely
(see more on my textiles blog or link at left)

I've recently purchased some doTerra
essential oils and learnt
AromaTouch massage.

With a little practice ;-)))
I will soon be proficient in this delightful technique.
It's a gentle back, neck, shoulders, head
and feet massage using these beautiful
essential oils, to calm, invigorate
or de-stress your body.

Later in the new year I will also be trying
some Australian essential oils
as I'd like to compare the results
and also support Australian suppliers
if possible.
Whichever way it goes - YOU will be the winners!

So stay tuned and ask me about
AromaTouch, next time you book for

reflexology | reiki | Indian head massage
corporate massage | metamorphosis

Please call or sms 0427 212 729
for an appointment